Poster advertising the services of ORT-Verband [ORt-Union]

1930 (made)

Mikhail Delugach

Height: 71 cm, Width: 107 cm

E.1262-1989 PDP

General Description: In Russian and Yiddish. ORT-Verband is a Jewish organisation providing material help, tools, training, etc. to Jewish unemployed, artisans, etc. in the Soviet Union.

The lettering in Russian on the poster reads: Machines instruments, raw materials can be obtained by the unemployed craftsmen [cottage, handmade] and artisans. [Also] material support or [financial help] from relatives abroad - through 'Ort-Verband'. For information about obtaining machines, technical consultation and for assistance from the cooperative contact the authorities at the offices of 'Ort-Verband'. For the R.S.F.S.R. [Russian Federation of Soviet Republics]: Moscow, Svedlova Place 2-10 Room 14, for the Leningrad Region: Bankovsky corner 4, Leningrad, for the Ukraine: Right Embankment: Kiev, Svedlova St. 26, for the left Embankment: Karkov, Libknecht Prospect 3, flat 4, for South Odessa: Maliy Corner 9, for Belo-Russia: Minsk, Volodarsky St. 10, Flat 3. Ort-Verband operates by an agreement between KOMZET and ZIK and ratified by the Council of Peoples Commissars of the USSR. ORT [Organisation for Rehabilitation Through Training] was founded in Russia in 1880. It developed and expanded, becoming ORT-Union in 1921 with headquarters in Berlin (hence the 'Verband'). By 1930 it was being increasingly controlled by the Soviet government. However, despite wars, revolutions and the Holocaust, it survived and is today a vast organisation assisting Jewish communities throughout the world.

Location: In Storage

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