1760 (made)

Luttmer, Johann Peter

Diameter: 3.18 in

1465-1882 SCP

Medal, silver. Centenary of the Treaty of Oliva in 1660. Johann Peter Luttmer. Danzig 1760.

Medal, silver. Commemorating the centenary of the Treaty of Oliva in 1660. Obv., a view of the town of Danzig, with the legend 'Pacem quam post centum annos colimus celebrate nepotes.' Rev., 'Avgvsto tertio rege Pol. patre patriae salvo pacis Olivensis saecvlvm altervm inter svpplicationes et vota iii. Maii MDCCLX ingreditur Gedanvm.' Beneath this is a view of Oliva and the words 'Oliva pacifera iii. Maii MDCLX.'

This silver medal was struck to commemorate the centenary of the Treaty of Oliva in 1660. The medal which dates from 1760 was made in Danzig by Johann Peter Luttmer. It shows a view of the city of Danzig with an inscription celebrating the centenary of the Peace of Oliva (1760) between Poland and Sweden.

Given by Miss Sarah Solly.

Location: In Storage

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