White Tara

16th century (made)


Height: 76.2 cm Figure, Width: 56 cm Figure, Height: 172.7 cm Torana, Width: 114.3 cm Torana

IM.28-1919 SSEA

Seated White Tara, gilt copper, Nepal, 16th century, Malla dynasty

White Tara ('white saviouress'), goddess of purity and transcendant wisdom, is the consort of the fourth Dhyani Buddha. She is seated with legs crossed and soles facing upward in meditation pose. Her raised right hand is in vitarka mudra, her left rests on her left knee. The thumb and first finger of each hand are touching. She wears the thirteen ornaments of a Bodhisattva and the scarf of divinity. Nearly all these ornaments are enriched with precious stones, particularly the elaborate tiara and the lotus earrings. She is nude to the waist, but wears a skirt. In the forehead is turquoise symbolising the eye of foreknowledge and in the palms of the hands and soles of the feet is the eight-petalled lotus with the seed-capsule replaced by the Chinese yin-yang symbol (ie: the creative monad dividing into its male and female elements). Behind each upper arm is a lotus stem terminating in a full-blown lotus with prominent seed capsule.

Location: In Storage

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