Set design

The Chalk Garden

ca. 1966 (made)

Beaton, Cecil

Height: 36.5 cm, Width: 28.5 cm

S.1450-2014 T&P

Set design by Cecil Beaton for Enid Bagnold's The Chalk Garden, New York, ca. 1955

Costume design for character in Act I of La Traviata in 1966 at the New York Metropolitan Opera House. It shows a full length profile image of a woman dressed in a green nineteenth century style gown, with a full skirt and off the shoulder sleeves. SHe holds a bouquet of flowers and wears a floral headdress. Signed by Cecil Beaton.

Costume design by Cecil Beaton for character in La Traviata, New York, ca. 1966. Sir Cecil Beaton (1904-1980) was best known as a photographer. Beaton also worked as an illustrator, a diarist, and designer for stage and film. He won three Oscars for costume and art direction for the film version of My Fair Lady (1965) and for Gigi (1958). La Traviata is an opera in three acts with music by Giuseppe Verdi. Cecil Beaton. The producer for the Metropolitan Opera House was Alfred Lunt and was the first production for the opening season of the new Metropolitan Opera House. Cecil Beaton’s designs were praised by the critics for catching the decadence and luxury of the mid-19th century Parisian scene.

Location: In Storage

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