House on a Volcano

1928 (printed and published)


Height: 107 cm, Width: 71 cm

E.615-2014 PDP

'House on a Volcano'; avant garde film poster; Russia, 1928

poster, printed in colour depicting the head of a woman, below her is a burning house, she is flanked by two towers overlaid with a photomontage of black and white portraits of characters from the film

This film poster promotes the film 'House on a Volcano', directed by the Soviet Armenian director Amo Bek-Nazarov. The film told the story of a group of oil workers in Baku who become angry when they learn that their houses were built by an oil company in a region made unstable by dangerous pockets of natural gas. The poster gives a sense of the film's dramatic plot- featuring a close-up of the wide eyed and terrified face of the film's heroine. The use of extreme close up photography, unusual angles and dramatic proportions in this poster echoes the new avant-garde cinema style popular in Russia during the 1920s and 1930s.

Gift of Michael Voggenauer in memory of Jordan Munteanu

Location: In Storage

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