Height: 41.8 cm, Width: 34.1 cm

PH.512-1896 PDP

Photograph of two walnut wood panels previously in the collection of Emile Peyre, Great Britain, 1850s-1896

Photograph of two 16th century French walnut wood panels, both carved in relief with a crown surmounting a shield, with floral scrollwork above and below. On one panel the shield depicts a salamander (the badge of Francis I), and on the other it depicts a dolphin (the badge of the Dauphin of France).

The objects in the photograph formed part of the collection of Emile Peyre (1824-1904), a notable Parisian collector of French Medieval and Renaissance artefacts. The South Kensington Museum (renamed the Victoria and Albert Museum in 1900), bought over 300 pieces of furniture and woodwork, as well as sculpture and metalwork, from him in 1895, including these objects

Location: In Storage

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