1947 (made)

Henry Matthews and Sons Ltd.

Height: 63.5 cm, Width: 33.3 cm

S.612-2014 T&P

Poster advertising Macbeth by William Shakespeare starring Michael Redgrave at the Royal Court Theatre Liverpool for the week commencing 10 November 1947. Typographic poster printed by Henry Matthews and Sons Ltd., Liverpool.

Typographic poster printed in red and blue advertising Michael Redgrave and Ena Burrill in Macbeth by William Shakespeare for the week commencing 10 November 1947, and advertising the following week's production of The Eagle Has Two Heads starring Eileen Herlie, week commencing 17 November 1947.

This production of Macbeth starring Michael Redgrave (1908-1985)at the Royal Court Theatre Liverpool was part of a regional tour before the production company brought the play into the Aldwych Theatre in December. Liverpool was well-served for London productions that year, and the following week's production was a post-London tour of Cocteau's intellectual Ruritanian melodrama The Eagle Has Two Heads from the Theatre Royal Haymarket starring Eileen Herlie (1918-2008). She made her career overnight as the Queen when the play was first produced at the Lyric Theatre Hammersmith in 1946 performing the sensational 21 minute speech by candlelight which was thought at the time to be the longest speech in the history of the stage. The poster, hanging card and programme were kept by the actor Richard Bebb (1927-2006) as a souvenir of his professional debut in the production as one of the Watchmen at Dunsinane. He is credited here with his original name Richard Bebb Williams, which he later changed, using his mother's name Bebb as his surname since there was another actor at the time called Richard Williams.

The poster gives the cast of Macbeth as Michael Redgrave, Michael Goodliffe, Douglas Wilmer, William March, Roger Braban, Hector MacGregor, Leslie Sands, Alan Hood, Donald Bain, Richard Bebb Williams, Elizabeth Kentish, Margot van der Burgh, Keith Lloyd, Paddy Green, Janet Joye, Gillian Webb, Michael O'Halloran, Alan McKirdy, Clement McCallin, Clement Ashby, Wilfred Carter, Paul Hardwick, Leonard White, Paul Hansard, Stephen Darlot, Peter Bartlett, Lesley Merritt , John Blatchley and Eda Burrill. The play was directed by Norris Houghton with 'decor' by Paul Sherriff and music by Alan Bush. The play was produced by Tennent Productions Ltd., in association with The Arts Council of Great Britain.

Given by Richard Bebb

Location: In Storage

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