Remote control flying toy

Flytech Dragonfly

2007 (made)

Character Options Ltd

[Dragonfly toy] Width: 41 cm wingspan, Height: 10.5 cm, Length: 52 cm including ribbon tail [Remote control] Width: 17 cm widest part [Instructions] Width: 14.8 cm user manual, Width: 7.6 cm catalogue, Diameter: 9 cm easy set-up guide [Packaging] Width: 35.5 cm, Height: 39.5 cm, Depth: 14 cm

B.345:1 to 5-2013 MoC

Boxed Flytech Dragonfly toy, made in China for Character Options, 2007

[Dragonfly toy] The Dragonfly toy's body is made from blue and white painted polystyrene with two pairs of plastic wings attached to its back, covered in electronic/wire patterns. Two metal wires protrude from its body to form legs, and on its rear is an on/off switch. The removable tail is made from a piece of blue ribbon and it attaches to the toy by a piece of plastic. There is a propellor at the end of the tail of the toy. There are spare wings and propellor in the box, which are the same designs as the original ones. [Remote control] A white plastic remote control with black textured side panels and two silver coloured joysticks. There is also a central silver coloured button that is used for power and directional control of the toy. There is a small charging platform on the top of the controller, and there is a small hatch that contains a charging wire. The controller comes with a screw on metal aerial. [Instructions] The instructions consist of a colour user manual, a sqare colour catalogue with other Flytech products, and a green circular easy set-up guide. [Packaging] The packaging consists of a white and green outer box with a large opening allowing the user to view the toy. There is a section of purple, card inner packaging that had an attached plastic rest for the dragonfly toy. Over that layer goes the clear plastic cover which is then sandwiched between the inner and outer layer and protects the toy.

This Flytech Dragonfly is a remote control flying toy made by Character Options in 2007. Made from lightweight materials, this dragonfly has the ability to hover, glide, twist, turn and even perform tricks in the air. It was named as one of the Top 12 toys for Christmas by the Toy Retailers Association in 2007.

Named as one of the Top 12 toys of the year in 2007 by the Toy Retailers Association, and given to the museum along with the other winners.

Given by the Toy Retailers Association

Location: In Storage

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