Transformer toy

Transformers Optimus Prime

2007 (made)


B.371:1 to 4-2012 MoC

Boxed plastic figure of Optimus Prime, made in China by Hasbro in 2007

Originally a Japanese concept, Transformers were first launched as a toy by the American company Hasbro in 1984. Quickly followed by comic books, cartoons, and in 2007 the first feature film, the brand grew enormously. In 2007, to supplement the release of the film, an extensive range of Autobot and Decepticon toys were produced. This Optimus Prime Transformer toy can change from a robot into a truck, and features a firing projectile missile and electronic sounds.

The Optimus Prime Transformers toy was named as one of the Top 12 toys by the Toy Retailers Association in 2007. It was given to the museum along with the other top toys, and subsequently used in the War Games exhibition at the Museum of Childhood in 2013.

Given by the Toy Retailers Association

Location: In Storage

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