Ivory plaque

ca. 18th century (made)


Height: 8 cm, Width: 5.5 cm, Thickness: 1.5 cm, Height: 9 cm, Width: 5.7 cm, Depth: 1 cm

IM. 126-1929 SSEA

A rectangular plaque of ivory carved on one surface with a depiction of four armed Palden Lhamo and on the reverse in Tibetan U Chen "Om mani padme hum" and "Om, Ah, hri, hri hri." Top and botton surfaces encircled by silver bands, two suspension lugs on top of plaque.

This type of carved irovy plaque had a probable amuletic use and may originally have been encased within a ga'u or amulet box. Palden Lhamo is an important Dharmapala or defender of Buddhism in Tibet and is regarded as the defender of the Dalai Lamas and of Lhasa.

Location: In Storage

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