March 1914 to August 1914 (made)

Lewis, Wyndham

Height: 8.5 cm, Width: 8.5 cm, Depth: 8.5 cm

W.37-1983 FWK

Cube shaped box, painted softwood

Cube-shaped softwood box painted in red, black , ochre and cream.

This small cube-shaped box was painted by Wyndham Lewis after he had left the Omega Workshop and founded the Rebel Art Centre. The painted design of trapezoids, right-angled lines, and solid planes of colour, emphasises and enhances the cubic form of the box. The Omega Workshops were opened by the artist Roger Fry in London in 1913. As a promoter of decorative arts, Fry wanted to remove the perceived divide between fine and decorative arts. While some Omega furniture was specially designed, some of it was pre-existing second-hand furniture purchased at auction, painted and resold. Lewis disagreed with this, arguing that 'painted furniture' should show a harmonious relationship between the piece and its applied decoration. This box illustrates the principle. Lewis considered that Omega furniture was simply furniture that had paint applied.

Location: In Storage

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