Busy Signal

2012 (made)

Nao Matsunaga

Height: 62 cm Overall size / wooden frame, Width: 66 cm Overall size / wooden frame, Depth: 59 cm Overall size / wooden frame, Height: 37.7 cm Ceramic form, Width: 49.0 cm Ceramic form, Depth: 36.7 cm Ceramic form

C.133:1,2-2013 CER

Sculpture, 'Busy Signal', hand built high-fired black earthenware and wooden framework made of joined timber with affixed carved branches, made by Nao Matsunaga, London, 2012

Handbuilt form in black high-fired earthenware, of irregular blocky shape with protrusions at either end. The surface marked with all over with softly indented lines. Somewhat rock-like in appearance. Around the form is a wooden framework, composed of four lengths of timber joined to form a rectangle, to which is affixed a series of upright carved branches with bark-like surface texture.

Nao Matsunaga’s sculptures sometimes appear like ritual objects or obscure signs, though their forms and meanings are often ambiguous. In ‘Busy Signal’, a stone-like form is enclosed within a framework of carved branches that seem to protect but also perhaps to restrain or threaten it. The detailed carving of the branches gives them a hyper-real quality, creating a richly textured bark-like surface.

Shown in the exhibition 'Nao Matsunaga: Stones and Bones' at Marsden Woo Gallery, 13 September to 27 October 2012, no. 18.

Acquired through the generosity of Gerard and Sarah Griffin

Location: In Storage

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