toy gun

25 pdr. Gun Howitzer

1940s (manufactured)

Britains Ltd

[gun] Length: 10.2 cm, Height: 4.5 cm [box] Length: 9 cm, Width: 5.4 cm, Height: 4.5 cm

B.272:1,2-2011 MoC

Boxed metal Howitzer gun made in England by Britains in the late 1940s

[gun] Khaki green coloured working model of a real bombardment gun. It stands on two wheels with black rubber tyres. The barrel protrudes in front of a flat protection plate and the firing mechanism is a pull-back metal wire. [box] Rectangular card box that opens at both ends. It is printed with an illustration of the gun and its title on two sides, with its title and number on both ends, with the manufacturers details on one side and with instructions for loading and firing on the remaining side.

The Britains company is very well known for its toy soldiers but it also produced a variety of artillery guns. This example is a miniature version of a real 25-pounder Howitzer, first introduced into the arsenal of the British Army just before the Second World War. It continued to be used as the Army's primary artillery piece until well into the 1960s. The 25 pounds refers to the weight of the shell. This toy version fired matchsticks and used caps to produce a bang.

Given to the donor as a Christmas present in 1949 when he was 13 years old

Given by Peter Carolin

Location: In Storage

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