Wedding veil

1870s (made)


Length: 77 in, Width: 77 in

T.108-1969 T&F

Square wedding veil of bobbin lace, Belgium, 1870s

Square wedding veil of bobbin lace with a deep border of Brussels Duchesse lace. The inside edge of the border is deeply scalloped, from the points of the scallops large sprays of roses hang to the lower edge, and below the lines of rosettes and oval shapes forming the scallops are large bell shaped flowers. Within the curves of the inside scallops, leafy sprays of roses are applied to the net. In each corner there is a larger spray of roses, tulips and other flowers. Small sprays of roses, daisies and leaves are scattered over the remainder of the ground decreasing in size towards the centre. Cloth and half-stitch work with a variety of plaited fillings. Some outlines have raised edges of bundles of threads, and others have a true Brussels cordonet. Parts of the pattern are joined by plaited brides.

This veil matches the design of a lace flounce (T.109-1969) worn on the wedding dress of Violet Georgina Burnett (June 1877-November 1968) when she married Major Charles Burnett of the 18th Hussars on August 6th 1903. It is believed that the lace was originally made for Violet's mother's wedding in April 1873 and handed down.

Bequeathed by Mrs Violet Georgina Burnett

Location: In Storage

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