1736-1796 (made)


Length: 42 in, Width: 11.5 in

T.196A-1962 EAS

Long panel of brocaded silk tapestry (kesi), China, Ch'ien-Lung period, 1736-1796

Long panel of brocaded silk tapestry (kesi) with a border of blue and buff brocaded silk with a pattern of shou characters, endless knots, roundels and peonies, and bound with buff-coloured silk. Lined with dark gray linen. The panel depicts landscapes on an orange-coloured background with three groups of figures. At the top a man is kneeling in prayer by a rock while a servant holds a fan above his head. In the centre a man is seated on a rock watching two servants hoeing in a bamboo grove. At the bottom a man is standing looking at a servant who offers him a hen.

Part of a set of two (kesi) hangings T.196&A-1962.

Given by Mrs H. F. Sawbridge

Location: In Storage

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