Dinner plate


2005 (made)

Keenan, Chris

Height: 1.7 cm, Diameter: 28 cm

C.355-2009 CER

Dinner plate, blue-glazed porcelain, prototype for 'Sora' range designed by Chris Keenan for Habitat, and made in his studio, London, 2005.

Dinner plate with celadon glaze, thrown on the wheel as a prototype. Decorated with a vertical band of pigment offset from the centre of the plate, through which sgraffito lines have been drawn.

Studio potter Chris Keenan designed ‘Sora’ for Habitat, making the prototypes by hand in his London studio. The range was inspired by traditional Japanese tableware. Many of the components are multi-functional and could be bought and used in a number of combinations. Unlike a traditional range, the same patterns and glazes are not used throughout.

The Sora range was designed by Chris Keenan between January and May 2005 at his London studio using hand-made prototypes, of which this is an example. The wares were subsequently made in Nagoya, Japan. The range was launched as part of the Habitat Autumn/Winter collection in 2006. According to the designer, Sora was known within Habitat as a "hero" range, and accorded high publicity. It was discontinued in 2009.

Given by Chris Keenan

Location: In Storage

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