More Great Works of Art; Title-page; Ana Mendieta; Henri Matisse; Paul Cezanne; Jackson Pollock; Henry Miller; Stevie Smith; Bridget Riley; Piet Mondrian; Agnes Martin; Robert Motherwell; Hector Villa-Lobos; Yves Klein; Portfolio

2007 (printed and published)

Carvalho, Antonio Claudio

Height: 53 cm, Width: 27 cm, Depth: 2.5 cm

E.1379:12-2010 PDP

Portfolio, with 12 screenprints, 'More Great Works of Arts, Antonio Claudio Carvalho, Belgium, 2007.

Portfolio of black card, with printed sheet on cover lettered with title, etc. [print] The words 'Ana Mendieta' plus a flag with a candle in the red area of the motif. [print] The words 'Henri Matisse' and sets of horizontal black lines as in a musical score. [print] The words 'Paul Cezanne' with the 'Apple' logo in orange. [print] The words 'Jackson Pollock' with scattered rectangles in black, red, grey, blue and yellow. [print] The words 'Henry Miller' with two yellow disks and a red triangle. [print] The words 'Stevie Smith' with a blue disk. [print] The words 'Bridget Riley' with paint splatters in red and green. [print] The words 'Piet Mondrian' with a circular black grid with 3 dots in yellow, red and blue. [print] The words 'Agnes Martin' and a maple leaf with uneven red stripes. [print] The words 'Robert Motherwell' with a blue rectangle and a horizontal brown stripe. [print] The words 'Hector Villa-Lobos' and a yellow shape. [print] The words 'Yves Klein' with a red square.

Antonio Claudio Carvalho (born Brazil; lives UK) is best known as a painter and a poet, but is increasingly focused on printmaking - particularly screen printing, often with hand-made additions. His bold colourful work often amalgamates text and image. This portfolio More Great Works of Art offers a playful yet serious commentary on the work and reputation of artists and writers as various as Yves Kelin, Jackson Pollock, Ana Mendieta, Stevie Smith and Henry Miller. Each sequence is best seen and understood when displayed in a grid sequence for the placing of the text/image in each piece is intended to play off the others producing an effect of rhythmic shifts and balances. More Great Works of Art introduces colourful motifs derived from the work of the named artists yet with an added element of playful pastiche. The V&A also has the portfolio which precedes this: Great Works of Art (see E.1378:1 to 14-2010).

Given by the artist

Location: Prints & Drawings Study Room, level E, case MP 246

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