Upper part of a fountain

Upper part of a fountain

1450-1475 (made)


Height: 95 cm, Width: 81 cm, Depth: 28 cm, Weight: 216 kg

242-1894 SCP

Upper part of a fountain, eagle, coronet, mask, Aquila, 1450-1500.

The uper portion of a fountain, in the form of a triangular panel of istrian stone, carved in high relief with a shield bearing a grotesque mask, and surmounted by a helmet with mantlings. Above this is a coronet from which issues the head and neck of an eagle. The Gothis letters A and N are carved to either side of the coronet.

This triangular panel formed the upper part of a fountain, with the mouth of the mask on the shield adapted to form a spout. The letters A and N either side of the crest-coronet probably stand for ‘Aquila Nobilissima’ (Italian for ‘Noble Eagle’) rather than personal initials.

Location: Medieval and Renaissance, room 50a, case WN

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