20th century (made)


Height: 18 cm, Width: 11 cm, Depth: 5 cm At base

IS.130-2009 SSEA

Figure, standing 8-armed Avalokitesvara, copper gilt, Nepal, 20th century.

Standing 8-armed Avalokitesvara wearing a pointed 5-tiered crown decorated with faces on three sides. Two arms (from right and left) meet with palms together in front of the chest. The topmost right hand holds a ring between the fingers, another arm on the right side extends palm facing outwards to the side. The bottom-most arm makes the gesture of varada (giving blessings). This is echoed on the left side, with the topmost hand holding a lotus flower. Each arm is decorated with armbands and bracelets. The figure also wears a beaded collar and two earrings in the shape of flowers. A long ribbon-like scarf is draped across the shoulders with its ends extending out from the legs. The folds of the dhoti are shown flaring out from the ankles and pleated down the front of the legs. The waist is tied with a bow from which three strings of beads are attached, falling to just above the knees on each side and then attached to the waist again (with an additional string of beads) at the back of the figure. The back hem of the dhoti is decorated with a narrow band of a scrolling pattern.

Bequeathed by Susan Brinkworth

Location: In Storage

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