Electronic toy

Bug Builder

2004 (made)

IQ Science

Height: 28 cm, Length: 25.5 cm, Width: 10 cm

B.58-2009 MoC

Bug builder, by IQ Science distributed in UK by VTech. motorised toy, battery operated. Made in China in 2004

Battery operated motorised toy in the shape of an insect. The insect is made of hard moulded plastics in orange and green. The abdomen and thorax of the insect are made from green transparent plastic and the head legs and wings are made of opaque orange and green plastic. The insect has yellow bulbous eyes. The body of the insect contains a motorised system that, with batteries allows the insect to move parts of its body and walk. This toy is modular and joints are articulated to allow movement and can be built in to different types of insect including a preying mantis and a grass hopper.

Bug Builder has been designed by IQ Science who make toys to engage children with science. Bug Builder is modular and can be made in to different types of bugs including a grasshopper and a preying mantis. It has been designed to be bright and appealing to play with as well as to help children to learn about topics in the National Curriculum to do with forces and movement. The transparent plastic of the insect's body allows the internal mechanisms of the bug to be seen, allowing children to learn about gears, motors and electrical circuits that enable the bug to walk and flap its wings.

gift of VTECH who distribute this product in the UK.

Given by VTech Electronics

Location: Museum of Childhood, Moving Toys Gallery, case 16

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