1960-1969 (made)

[Rattle] Height: 28 cm [Rattle] Height: 11 cm

MISC.500:1 & 2-1986 MoC

two child's rattles both made from tinplate and plastic, U.S.A, 1960s

Both rattles are made from painted tinplate and each has a plastic handle. When the handle is turned the cogs on the wheel inside also turn, hitting a narrow strip of tin and so making a rattling sound. [Rattle] This rattle consists of a flat circular canister with decoration of girl in bikini and Elizabethan rift sitting in a wine glass before a musical stave and surrounded by coloured waves. It has a green plastic handle. [Rattle] This rattle consists of a flat oblong canister decorated with red, green, blue and yellow circular shapes. The handle is yellow.

These rattles were made in America in the 1960s and both have tinplate bodies and plastic handles.

[Rattle] Given to the museum by Mr C Shaw

[Rattle] Given by Mr C Shaww

Location: In Storage

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