S.126-1978 T&P

Theatrical banner. Satin brocade banner in cream and turquoise, edged with gold braid with a yellow silk fringe on lower border, and with two rows of yellow silk cord attached to top edge, with 4 yellow tassels. On top border, the monogram of ENSA (Entertainments National Service Association), middle section, embroidered with the rose, thistle, shamrock, daffodil, with the Union Jack in the centre, surmounted by embroidery in the design of an eagle. On the right border, the names of Scotland, West'n Isles, Orknet Is., Iceland, Malta, Italy, Cyprus, Belgium, Germany. On the left border, England, Wales, Is. of Wight, N. Ireland, N. Africa, Sicily, Mid. East, Syria, Holland. Below, 'Patience is a Virtue', in black painted lettering on gold brocade.

Given by Mrs Valerie Bain

Location: In Storage

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