Hyper—Stacks are networks of objects in the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum

Here are five hyper-stacks created automatically from newspaper headlines:

Five Eyes

Here are another five hyper-stacks. These stacks are part of an installation by James Bridle at the museum.
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Explore the collection

Here are ten random objects from the collection, which you can use to start making your own stacks. More objects.

About Hyper—Stacks

Hyper-stacks was designed and built by James Bridle, and commissioned by the V&A as part of All of This Belongs to You, an exhibition at the museum which runs 1 April – 19 July 2015.

Hyper-stacks used the V&A's digital archives to analyse more than 1.14 million object records, and build a classification and connection engine. This website allows you to explore the V&A's collection in a new way.

Find out more about how hyper-stacks work.